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Is your school ready for

​a Library of Dreams?

Please contact us for support if your school has the following factors:

  1. The Board of Directors that decided to be the Principal was a dynamic, enterprising, daring, determined person, wholeheartedly for students, and interested in true reading culture.

  2. Enthusiastic, responsible librarian, wholeheartedly for students, good profession.

  3. The school is willing to reserve a room with an area of at least 46m2 or more and on the ground floor, a nice location for a Library.

  4. The school has the ability to reciprocate (apply in the year 2020-2021) depending on the school's ability,

  5. School or school site with 200 or more students

Why should schools have a Dream Library?

Library with near 1,000 books title new, rich, updated, content suitable for each age of students. Colorful interior, creating an attractive reading space for students

Meet the standards of the Department of Library Education in the assessment of school ratings. There is a practical learning environment, a playground for other extracurricular activities of the school

Sponsored by 60%-80% cost

Accompanying the School for 5 years. In addition to supporting the operation of the library, in the next 4 years, the project will sponsor more books for the library in the form of reciprocal: 50%-50%between the Project and the School

​Library Grants


​Sponsorship approval process

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